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Pens and Porn

Today i relized my life goal. I'm going to finance a magizine for rapists and tell their side of the story. It will mostly consist of articals and pictorials. I will not limit my magizine to that though it will also have ad's and the occasional STD. I might have contests and the winner will get the address of girls that cant fight back. Ill probably throw in a girl that is a black belt and or has laser vision. I think it will be a good magizine.

So for my psych class I have to do behavioral modification. This is where I take a behavior that I don't like and change it so i don't do it. The behavior I decided to change was talking up in class because I fell like I piss everyone off with my shinanagins. Since to change a behavior you need a negetive rienforcer a positive reinforcer and a punishment I decided to skip The positive and negetive reinforcers and go straight to punishment. So every time I talk during class I stab myself in the leg with a pen. Strangly my psych teacher is ok with it. She even offerd to do it for me but when I said it was ok for her to she refused. So I got home and I wanted to see my leg to see if I did any damage. As is turns out my leg was bleeding and now I have a bunch of little cuts on my leg.

In one week Rob Pfaff and I are going to the Underoath concert. I am looking forward to it.
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Magazine is spelled 'magazine'. Way to go with the self-mutilation, keep up the good work. Send me over a copy of the zine when it's done, it better have a good centerfold and how to articles.